"After over 22 years of helping people create places and spaces that feel right to them...I've come to believe that deep within is a strong desire to thrive where we dwell... and it's through the discovery of our unique intuitive nature that we begin to understand why some things feel right to us and some things don't...bringing together those elements in life and nature that define 'you' in your world, to create a unique dwelling that helps you FEEL RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE.

This is what I call DESIGN FROM THE HEART and is the heart of INTUITIVE dwellings. 

It's a new type of custom."

Lorraine Enwright, INTUITIVE dwellings | Enwright Design Inc. 


"...whether you seek to create a modern farmhouse with clean lines,  a historically inspired home with a family focus, a summer retreat that immerses you into nature, a one of a kind artful structure or interior, renovate a suburban home with good bones or update an urban townhouse with a hip vibe, it is about YOU in every way."

Lorraine Enwright, INTUITIVE dwellings | Enwright Design Inc.  


What's New at INTUITIVE dwellings


It's a new type of custom. 

Let's create your unique INTUITIVE dwelling.   



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