Canadian Classic in Chastain

This classic, but rustically elegant home, was created for a Canadian family who wanted to bring the architectural style of their hometown to their new neighborhood in North Buckhead.  The unique split faced limestone used as the statement texture of the exterior style was trucked from its native Montreal to Atlanta.   Custom precast casings were made to simulate the limestone details found in Canada along with a compatible local brick.  The overall architectural scale was then fine tuned so that the new residence would nestle into the cottage style neighborhood in Chastain Park.  The exterior experience is accentuated with the Owner's love of water and flowers from the front door to the linear fountains framing their entertainment patio.   A grand kitchen vault with crafted custom beams and imported wood flooring contrasts against clean lines and the otherwise neutral palette.  Deep set archways with warm, but minimalist details and color accents, set the backdrop for this rustic elegant ambiance.