Lorraine Enwright     

Lorraine Enwright


... from Lorraine:

I created my first dwelling at age 8 using table cloths quickly snatched from my mother's linen closet, a broom handle for the "teepee mast", string, electrician's tape, and cabinets made from some cardboard boxes from our basement, with the intent of hosting elaborate tea parties there with my sister.  In my middle school years, I often made 'rounds' after school with my father visiting his residential construction sites, loving all the sensory experiences of fresh cut lumber, and saws and hammers creating a couple's, or families', new dwelling.  Entering college I set on a course to pursue holistic design at Auburn University with a dual major in architecture and interior design.  I wanted to help people create personal environments from the outside to the inside, that reflected the way they wanted to live and play.   With this focus on the personal environment, I formed my thesis on the psychology of design and color to demonstrate how we can create a built environment, drawing from the elements in nature that speak to us, and help us feel healthier and "right".   

And so after over 22 years of helping people create places and spaces that FEEL RIGHT to them, shaping their environment to fit their personalities and lifestyle, I 've come to believe that deep within us is a desire to thrive where we dwell.  Ultimately, we are seeking that sense of place that feels right to us, where we can live, play and enhance our personal relationships seamlessly.  In this pursuit, our intuition, or 'gut' gives us a thumbs-up or thumbs-down in response to the world around us.  However, it is through discovering our unique intuitive nature -- the composite of our heart's intentions – that we begin to understand WHY some things feel right to us and other things don’t. 

This is what I call HEART CENTERED DESIGN and is the heart of INTUITIVE dwellings. 

It’s a new type of custom.   

So, whether you seek to create a modern farmhouse with clean lines,  a historically inspired home with a family focus, a summer retreat that immerses you into nature, a one of a kind artful structure or interior, renovate a suburban home with good bones or update an urban townhouse with a hip vibe, it is about YOU in every way.  Together we will help you discover and foster a deeper connection with your personal environment, bringing together those elements in life and nature that define YOU in your world, creating that unique dwelling that helps you FEEL RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE.   

Let's begin together.